Give me your FAQs!

How delighted was I to be honoured with a special award for Mentoring Excellence at the National Mentoring Awards on March 1st.

It was an insane evening and one that I will remember for a very long time.

There were some special people in that room, that have mentored, and pretty much, performed miracles. Such a humbling experience.

It’s easy to wonder where do I fit into a situation like that.

I hadn’t, in fact, won the award that I had been nominated for, and so I was sat enjoying the evening and minding my own business when my name was read out. My sister had come with me and had to nudge me in the ribs to jolt me into action.

The last time I had won an award was in 2013… Entrepreneur of the Year.

There has been such a lot happen since then. 2 years of depression. One child moving out. A rise in business. Friends dying too soon. 54 weeks of treatment for breast cancer. The closing down of a relationship. The closing down of my business of 26 years.

It’s been a lot!

Thank goodness for my relentless sunny nature and knowledge that you choose to be happy; happy does not choose you.

Through it all and from the age of 8 years old I have mentored people… whether they needed it or not! Haha. It is second nature to me. I’ve mentored friends, family, celebrities, cancer patients, young adults forging their way in the world, students, business colleagues, and on.

And so after winning my award, I have received so many messages and questions.

The wonder of social media.

People can pop questions to you everywhere; it’s great! I find them tucked into every angle online.

Reading the questions and typing out similar answers to people, an idea floated through my mind of doing a FAQ sheet of what you can expect if you work with me.

  • Commitment: from both sides. We are all in or all out. Making big life changes is not some half-hearted attempt. It’s a big heave-ho.
  • Time: Unshared. All yours. Let’s get stuck into making your life as you want it and better.
  • Pain: Oh yes. Sometimes there are tears. And that’s not just me!
  • Change: You must let go of ideas and sometimes people that aren’t serving you in order for the brilliance to stride in.
  • Solid agreement: We will make a solid plan together. Fear isn’t a way to live and we need to stare down where you want to go.
  • Above and beyond: Exceptional effort. From both of us. Nothing phases me.
  • A fee: I don’t work for nothing. And boy will I work for you.
  • A result: How fabulous to achieve such a great outcome.
  • Intuition: My superpower. Not to be ignored…
  • Fun: Oh please bring your sense of humour to the table. We might need it.
  • Clarity: Let’s have a crystal clear viewpoint. It’s helpful.
  • Confidentiality: Of course

And where do I fit into the room of fabulous mentors? You honestly can’t help but ask yourself that question. It’s a good one.

I like to ask big questions of myself. I know if I can’t answer I need to step up. Here’s my answer to that one…

I show up. Every day. For myself and for other people. I understand that if my cup isn’t full I can’t overflow to others. I don’t sit in judgement of other’s actions knowing I’m not perfect myself. I’ve mentored from my bed during chemotherapy when I couldn’t raise myself. During treatment, I mentored in a super London hotel and waited for my client to go before I became seriously ill on the bathroom floor for 30 minutes. I show up. Every day.

And. After all that has been said. In that room at the National Mentoring Awards were just ordinary people going about their ordinary lives. Keeping their Superman pants pulled up and their capes tucked into their knickers so as not to get them trapped in the doors of the tube…