Happy Valentines Day xx

Saint Valentine was going quietly about his business in Rome. He has no idea the fuss that is made by Hallmark on his day. There is so little information about him aside from ‘sometimes’ he helped couples. In Rome, they used to make a big fuss of him until the Pope decided there was so little knowledge on the man that he should be downgraded. Poor chap!


Here we are gazillions of years later all sending our love hearts and roses and cards on Valentine’s Day. How cool is that?

Here’s my question to you. Have you considered being in love is an inside job?

How many times have you given away your power to someone undeserving of it? How many times have you put someone else first in your life when it wasn’t needed? How many times have you stepped into the frame for someone else but not had the support back?


Well you know that’s ok. I’m a big advocate of going all out. Not leaving anything in the locker room. But what’s also OK is to love yourself first. I know. I’m sounding a bit whoo woo! I’m not sat here waving incense at you – although some of you may like that.


There’s a big wide Universe out there. There’s a big wide Universe in you too. Just getting all wide-eyed with wonder for a minute; how freaking marvellous is our body and soul? I’ve experienced first-hand this year how your body will always want to rise up and meet you. It does that of its own accord without you even asking. Doesn’t that deserve a tinsy bit of self-love?

And consider this. If you are desperately out there wanting, needing, your happiness hinges on it to be loved; all you are doing is projecting outwards all of your goodness leaving nothing inside you to admire. You become this all-consuming hoover of someone else’s good intentions.


If we could all just stop still for a moment. Became a human being instead of a human doing. Stopped the running. Running from the fear of discovering actually I may be a wonderful person underneath the guilt, shame, self-loathing, fear, resentment, not good enough badges I’ve slapped on myself. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

Many fabulous and downright ghastly things happen to us in our lives. You can’t please people all the time and sometimes the actions you take will cause upset in someone else’s life. If your intentions are in the right place most of us will try and rectify the problem we may have created. It’s what happens after that where the fun starts.


Labelling yourself with a nasty badge of honour that weirdly might never leave you.


I worked with someone recently that had thought she was ugly from a comment her father made when she was three years old. This (and may I add) beautiful lady was now 73! She had chosen to stick that badge on herself at three years old!! Wow! And we all do it! We do it to ourselves. It doesn’t matter what someone else may think of us… it’s all about you and what you think of yourself.

And so here is my wish for you this Valentine’s Day. Stop. Take a much-needed look at yourself and send yourself some love. Be in love with you in an upstanding, good person kind of way. When you operate from this space you can make best decisions for yourself and those around you. Difficult or easy; it’s all the same.

Without judgement and resentment of your inner being, you never know, you may be someone worth falling in love with.