How Many Careers Does One Person Need?


Well let me ask you, is there a definitive answer to that?

Take me for example. Great at school but a total rebel. And without a cause. Meaning I was only rebelling against myself I think! I was bright and for sure underachieved. Partly through a vast absence of support and the rest due to my determination to see myself in the career I had already mapped out for myself.

Bring on Career Number 1. I had danced from being 3 years old and nobody was going to stop me now! I wanted to leave after 5th Year or Year 11 as is now. I was headed to dance college for a 3-year teaching course to become a professional dancer and teacher.

I had some amazing times as a professional dancer; the most carefree days of my life and then found myself at the old age of 24 deciding to give up! Wow. What a decision – but a good one. My passion for ballet still intact, but found on the plush seats of the Royal Opera House watching The Royal Ballet.

Career Number 2. I fell by accident into my first business. I was doing some promotional work. The companies that booked us were atrocious and never told us the full brief, leaving us in the dark for our clients. I decided, of course, that I could do better than that! At the young age of 24, I started my entrepreneurial journey. I started on a typewriter, on an ironing board, in my boyfriend’s flat in Brighton. Such fun!

They were heady days as the excitement built when I gained jobs… and then hadn’t got too many staff on my books. Initially. I could fix that pretty quickly and away we went. A successful time and fun too!

Career Number 3. While running my first business I came across the great concept of supplying celebrities and inspirational speakers to corporate events.

Who knew that was a thing?

Well, it turned out to be a pretty big thing. Occupying the next 26 years of my life. I met some great people, attended some great events, worked super hard and loved the mighty ups and learned from the mighty downs. Running your own businesses is not always straight forward. It’s when the road is winding and turning that you learn your biggest lessons.

A thread that has run throughout my life has been my undefined (till now) Career Number 4. I have been doing it since I was eight years old; mentoring.

It is written in my school report that I would do much better if I concentrated on my own work before making sure everyone in my class was okay! I mentored my dancing colleagues; my staff in the first business; celebrities and speakers and many people wishing to build a speaking career.


Mentor | an experienced and trusted adviser


I’m not sure how experienced I was at age eight but I thought I had something to offer.

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 it became the right thing to continue doing with the existing clients I had. I needed to take control of my situation and streamline my life while earning a living and giving something back.

I love working with people particularly that wish to make a big life change. I believe someone can go from great to greater despite what life throws at them. My focus being:-

  • To create greatness in people that have just come through a particularly tough time
  • To inspire a belief that you can come out the other side greater than when you went in
  • Life throws the kitchen sink at you sometimes – it’s how we rise that defines us
  • How do we rise up and create a bigger life?
  • What to do when we have to press pause on our dreams sometimes
  • How to show up every day!

As I continue with my treatment, working with big life changers is an inspiration and my passion. I love to see people take a leap.

Will that be all I wonder? I doubt it. Having written 2 children’s picture rhyming books, a cancer book, developed a podcast, a workshop and been asked to speak at some events; it would seem we are going all out on adding careers…