2018 – One Hell of a Year


2018 – one hell of a year

Brutal and savage

You gave many a tear

You came in harsh with a close family death

And continued at pace, unable to catch my breath

A routine check

Thank goodness for our NHS

Gave a cancer diagnosis and left me a mess

But life carried on

And at break neck speed

Children with big exams

I still need, to be able to lead

The weather was stunning and made our hearts smile

Pondering on life’s beauty as I rested a while

The many hospitals, the raft of appointments, the many caring staff

The anguish, the upset, the many many laughs

Clawing through treatments, squashed flat to the ground

And still life carries on, around and around

Oh my gosh for such caring friends

Holding me up; not letting me bend

Their kindness and caring has blown me away

I don’t know what would happen without them; I don’t know what to say

Some say treatment is preventative

It feels like a curse

Always understanding it could have been so much worse

Cancer disrupts your whole life; it messes your head,

But I feel it has given me more than it’s taken, when all has been said

A love for life, a lack of fear

A fierce strength and caring for those I hold dear

A willingness and understanding for new things I know

Happy to be places I wouldn’t normally go

Treatment will finish this coming June

I can’t just tell you – not a moment too soon

2019 help put me back on my feet

I’ve got places to go and people to greet

I wish for you all love, fun and wealth

Of course most of all take care of your health