I Am No Longer Accepting Things…

Sometimes life can seem insurmountable.

When we are trying to reach a goal or destination, or even moseying along minding our own business, and obstacles pop in our way. Or in some cases just plain bloody crash on top of us. No popping in our way. Wallop. Have that!

I mean seriously it’s bewildering why some stuff happens. None of it making any sense. Disruption at its best. You may even find yourself wailing ‘Why me?’. I’ve got to the point in my life when I can be found wailing ‘Why not?!’. (I think that’s a joke. Although I’m not too sure!)


I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change

I am changing the things I cannot accept.


It’s vital to your mental state at this stage to literally ‘get a grip’. Trite, isn’t it? Get a grip. GET A GRIP. When you want to scream SOD OFF… or worse.

At this point in the proceedings you often have to sprint to keep inside your own mind rather than losing it to some far-flung place. ‘Goodbye mind; it was fun while it lasted’.

Keeping a tenuous hold of the day to day. Lurching from one 5 minutes to another. Building bit by bit on what feels like quick sand of the head. The quick sand of your life. Bit by bit. Until you can find 10 minutes becoming 15 minutes becoming an hour.

In every situation. Every situation; it is how you look at it that will get you through. At times of big life changing, mind blowing moments you must grab your own collar and dare yourself, force yourself, drag yourself to a different way of thinking. Have to. Why? Because you’ve never been here before. You won’t get through on your old ways. They went out for milk and never came back.


I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change

I am changing the things I cannot accept.


There is always a route through, around, under or over to be found. Always. How long that takes? Well how long is that piece of string did you say?

What I truly know is that you can’t ignore it. It won’t go away. Stare it down, get to know it, listen to what this situation will teach you. Talk to it. Let it talk to you. I know! You think I’ve gone mad. I said taking a different approach is what will get you through. Your old ways won’t wash this time. No sir. Big life changing situations require big life changing thinking.

Don’t feel all overwhelmed. It literally is one small step at a time. One small thought at a time.

You see I firmly believe that at some point you deserve to come out of it and be a greater person than the one that went into it. It’s impossible to remain the same person; so why not be a greater one?

I know that on some days thinking only hurts and is best to be avoided at all costs. But on the days you can; think differently.

I like to grab a situation with all my might and flip it over. Look at the underside, the bit you think is ugly, the bit you think is difficult. Every time you can do that… there; is life’s gold.

Herein lies a whole other topic. How to become greater after being savaged by life? One small step at a time.

As Angela Davis once said:


I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change

I am changing the things I cannot accept.