Babe Ruth vs Deborah Fielding


It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up… Babe Ruth

It’s hard to be a person that never gives up… Deborah Fielding

It always amazes me what can happen when we tap into our resilience.

Sometimes we may need to lean on someone to kickstart and access it and sometimes we must let people lean on us. Of course sometimes it’s really very good to know just when to give up and walk away no matter how resilient we are!

Whether we have a life changing goal we are chasing down or have life changing circumstances that feel like they are chasing us down; there are times when you have to put your head down and punch your way through.

Ultimately what gives you access to it is a strong desire. A desire to see a goal or accomplishment as the end result.

And oh my! There can be a multitude of obstacles that come to knock you off your perch.

People you may have thought were your closest allies come in disguise and metaphorically kick you around a bit. Family that don’t get your vision can say hurtful and demeaning things to you, simply because they are fearful for you and would rather you stopped your endeavours just to save their discomfort! Friends that you were hoping may step up simply don’t show up.

It’s all there; like a show. Life can never stop surprising you.

That’s when resilience kicks in. That’s when it’s tough to be a person that never gives up.

Standing up for yourself in adversity or standing up for yourself in pursuit of your dreams is a tough haul sometimes. Hey! Anything worth having usually is, otherwise the world and his dog would be aiming for the same things.

But they are not. Why? Because this is your life, this is about you and the dreams you have created. The vision that matters to you. That’s why it is important to stand up for it.

Show up every day in some way.

You know there are days when you feel you are being sucked backwards, through other interruptions, illness, your to dooooo list got way too long. Every day no matter how small, you must show up and honour the direction you wish to travel in.

It’s doing this that keeps your head in a forward facing position. Keeps your energy flowing towards the right outcome. Keeps your mind in a healthy mental position to tackle bigger obstacles another time. Don’t be beaten by the small stuff. Ignore it and show up for yourself.

And finally, it is worth saying that nobody gets to their dream outcome alone. We need support. Don’t ‘life’ on your own. It’s lonely.

Choose wisely. There isn’t much point in pulling help in from people that have little understanding of your situation. It will slow you down.

Look to the top. For people that have experience. Don’t be afraid to ask. Most people are willing to help; just as you are willing to help others too. It’s what makes the world go round!

Who can you lift up today with a strong word of inspiration?