Deborah Fielding

An experienced business woman for 30 years with her own businesses and the building up of other people’s companies.

Personable, super hard working, determined and highly professional Deborah has always worked for herself and in charge of her own direction.

A creator and builder of businesses, events, courses, business campaigns and reinventing people, Deborah has a unique connection working with many celebrities, renowned inspirational speakers and dynamic businesses around the world.

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A mentor is someone who has travelled a similar journey and is able to share experiences.

Mentoring for me means creating an environment of trust and confidentiality, to enable the client to talk with honesty, vulnerability and openness without the fear of being judged.

It’s about sharing mistakes and failures as well as successes, because they know that the greatest learning has come from failures.

There is no ‘us and them’ in mentoring….we are in it together.

Deborah specialises in entrepreneurial work; clients striving for a big life change; breast cancer patients and speakers wishing to build a speaking career. Deborah believes that you can exit a difficult time far greater than when you went in to it. Whatever it takes…

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As Voltaire Once Said…

By Deborah Fielding on 10th October 2019

As Voltaire Once Said... Click the link above to read the double page article from Perx Magazine

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Weight loss chat with Evie Nutrition – round two… did it work?? Part 2

By Deborah Fielding on 23rd August 2020

Returning to chat with Evie Nutrition about her weight loss programme. I put my hand up to join the programme…

What people say about

"Yes I was scared as hell but we had fun along the way…"

Having Deborah in my corner has enabled me to make some massive full on life changes. Yes I was scared as hell but we had fun along the way because nothing was done without addressing the situation in it’s full glory and caring about the right outcome for everyone involved

Nic L

Private client

"Is Deborah the difference?"

‘Could I have done this myself? Never.

Would I have done this myself? Doubtful.

Is Deborah the difference ? You bet she is.’

Barnaby W

"Exhilarating, fun and deeply caring’"

‘Working with Deborah is like booking your own tour de force. Quirky, thinks completely out of your zone, exhilarating, fun and deeply caring’.

Mark C

"I’ve laughed a lot. Such a lot!"

‘I’ve discovered more in the last 3 months about myself than I ever thought possible. I’ve laughed a lot. Such a lot! The change is immense and I love our onward journey together’.

Adrianne Carter

The Face Whisperer

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